Why is the Arch so strong?

The arch is so strong because it relies on two opposing forces. Each side will constantly push against the opposite.

More X Less Y

Think about the more X you want to provide and the Y you want to help avoid. E.g/ More Free Time, Less Stress. The more general, the better.

The 80/20 Rule

It is not uncommon for 80 or more percent of results to come from 20 or less percent of actions. Being efficient means focusing on the 20 or less percent. Just because something takes a lot of time does not make it important.

ZFS Pool Commands

sudo zpool import <zPool name> sudo zpool import -o readonly=on <zPool name> zfs list -r <zPool name> zpool status -x sudo zfs send -R <zPool name>/<zVol name>@<snapshot name> | sudo zfs receive -F <zPool name>/<zVol name> sudo zfs send -vR Vol_1_HDD/testpool01@auto-2020-12-14_00-00 | sudo zfs receive -F Vol_2_HDD/testpool02

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Basic Networking Commands CentOS 7

Check Network Info: IP address Bring Interface Up (where x us the interface number): ifup em(x) Take Interface Down: ifdown em(x) Edit interface config: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-(interface name e.g/ eth0)

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